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          At Sotheby's Geneva has hosted to date the largest open growth. This year celebrating its 175 years of Patek Philippe's American banker Henry Graves designed for completely handmade known as Henry Graves Supercomplicatio's most complicated watch was sold for $ 24 million.

        So, what makes this watch so valuable? "Henry Graves Supercomplicatio, 24 have different horolojik complications. And these two dozen of them there is no serious interference with the computer, none of the complications. Graves Fifth appearing from his home in Avenue New York's night sky image depicting map alone is Supercomplicatio 'There is enough to make unique. Design three, this unique model for five years while the production, in 1933, 15 thousand dollars Henry Graves was sold. The described as one of a kind and it adjectives the time not lose today, up to 1999, 1968 protection Clock Museum in Chicago under the were taken. 18 carat gold produced from the clock, in 1999 still had sold 11 million dollars at Sotheby's auction. 11 hours your auction before time professionals, in November they anticipate finding buyers $ 15 to 20 million. But Christie's International Time Department for Former President Aurel Bacs , the name was revealed for the $ 24 million held as customers and have left the most expensive time of the Geneva world.

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